Live chat tracker

Live chat helps you to go the extra mile for your business with the feature of interacting with live visitors on your website.

The live chat is being implemented on your website with the following features:

· Placed on all the pages.
· Ability to chat with the visitor immediately.
· Can get offline messages which can be replied later.
· Transfer of chats.
· Conversations are stored which can be retrieved later on at any time.
· Can be operated by multiple users & computers at the same time.

We provide an in-house developed live chat system implemented on all of your websites. Our live chat features uniquely with the feature of multiple users being able to interact with the visitors.

This Tool can also act as a Visitor Analysis tool which can be utilised to analyze the following:

· Source and location of visitor
· Keywords being searched.
· Actual demand and supply of products
· Customer service and interactions
· Problem solving

Frequently asked questions
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  7. How to change my account details?
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